Online Interviews for Registered Midwives

with Capital Midwife and Barts Health

England is recruiting Registered Midwives

Barts Health and Capital Midwife is conducting online interviews for experienced registered midwives. This is a great opportunity for midwives from all over the world to interview with NHS Recruiters. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Both Capital Midwife and Barts Health will be sponsoring OET Training for qualified midwifery candidates, and upon successful completion of the OET Training will also sponsor one sitting of the OET exam!

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Sponsored English Language Training

We are currently accepting applications from qualified overseas Registered Midwives who are yet to pass their English Language exam! Our NHS Trusts are funding this additional training to assist qualified midwives to pass their OET exams. Qualified midwives must meet certain criteria for sponsorship and funding; please apply now for more details.

Our partner English language school Specialist Language Courses (SLC) will ascertain your current level of English according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). A minimum score of B1 in writing is required in a needs analysis form to be considered for the courses. For more information about SLC you may visit the this link.