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Advance your NHS Nursing Career in the UK with special guests from ECH NHS Trust

Join us on Monday, 27th February at 4pm U.K. time to learn how East Cheshire Hospitals NHS Trust (ECH) is helping registered nurses achieve their dreams of advancing their nursing careers at the NHS in the UK. NEU Professionals Project Manager, Alvaro da Costa, will be on Microsoft Teams to explain how we help international healthcare professionals relocate to the UK with our 100% no-cost recruitment service. Joining Alvaro will be Shamshy Salehin, Pastoral Support Facilitator at East Cheshire Hospitals NHS Trust (ECH), to discuss NEU Professionals’ care and services, the costs related to relocating to the UK and which costs are covered by the Trusts, NMC registration requirements, IELTS/OET information and requirements, and the wages and benefits of working at the NHS. Senior Sister, Diah Gargoles, will share her experiences of relocating to East Cheshire and how it has helped her advance her nursing career.

Alvaro, Shamshy, and Diah are excited to share with you how easy it is to start your new life working as a NHS nurse in the UK. Register now and join us for this fantastic webinar!

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We represent many prestigeous NHS Trusts throughout England. Learn about the many benefits of working at these Trusts and the welcoming communities surrounding them.

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Advance your Nursing Career in the NHS - with special guests East Cheshire Hospital - 27 February 2023
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