Live Webinars

Our Live Webinars are designed to allow candidates the opportunity to introduce Trusts and teams where candidates may be working, explore the regions around the Trusts are located, or learn about the process of applying for jobs at the NHS. Whether you are a Nurse, Midwife, or Allied Health Professional, these webinars can offer you the chance to ask questions and get the information to help you succeed in your interviews. Come join us!

Upcoming Webinars

Live Webinar 07/04/2022 - Botswana Coaching and Support sessions -no1- Questions and Answers on NMC registration and English language requirements

Upcoming In-Person Events

Past Events

Webinar 08/03/2022 - Become a Registered Nurse in the U.K.
Live Webinar 31/03/2022 - Become a Midwife in the U.K.
Live Webinar 05/04/2022 - Becoming a Nurse or an Allied Healthcare Professional in the U.K.