Adult General Nursing in London

Have you recently decided it’s time for a change, and you’re now looking for a new career challenge? Starting a new job in a different country can be very exciting and lead to lots of great opportunities, but you need to make sure that you choose the right agency to hold your hand and guide you through the process.

We offer careers in Adult General Nursing at some of the most prestigous NHS Trusts in the capital of the United Kingdom, all working together under the umbrella of CapitalNurse‘s programme. There are currently 17 NHS Trusts collaborating in the programme, and any of them could be your new workplace! 

If you are an ambitious nurse, London is the place for you!

If there is one thing the capital can offer, it’s the opportunity to learn and progress in your career. In addition to the training you will be given by your employer, you will find that London has plenty of Institutes and Universities linked to its Trusts, offering all sorts of courses and Master’s degrees.  

"I have been a qualified nurse in the UK for 10 years and I can honestly say that going to work at University College London Hospitals was the single best decision I made through my whole nursing career. There are so many opportunities in UCLH for career development and to experience working so many specialities. I grew so much professionally and personally working in this hospital."
Registered Nurse at London Trust.

The role of a Adult General Nurse within the NHS

Adult General: Oncology Nurse, Surgical Nurse, Cardiac Nurse? Work in whatever speciality you are interested in with Capital Nurse London!

Our trusts offer a wide range of vacancies suited to your experience and preference, you will be asked which region of London you are interested in and you will have the opportunity at the end of your interview to specify a preference for a particular trust or ward/ department. We have successfully placed candidates in oncology, cardiac wards/CCU, renal wards and more!

Candidates with experience in ICU and Emergency Department may not be offered these vacancies straight away but if you’re happy to work in a similar area (like Coronary Care Unit, High Dependency Unit or Medical Assessment Unit) for 6-12 months whilst you get used to a new and different healthcare system, vacancies in these speciality areas are ALWAYS available and many of our trusts offer a sideways move to a different ward/ department without having to re-interview!

The current CapitalNurse Trusts recruiting Adult General Nurses are:

Just like any other role with CapitalNurse, you can do this if you have a Nursing Degree and either an IELTS or OET English Language Certificate. If you were accepted for the role, you would be given training and support to help you pass the Mental Health OSCE. This process would involve:

  • Understanding of the role and the needs of this group of patients
  • Experience of working in this care setting
  • Gaining an additional qualification (desirable, but not essential)

To learn more about how to become a Registered Nurse in the United Kingdom please visit our Candidate Section.

For more details about the role of a Adult General Nurse at CapitalNurse simply apply below and feel free to ask our team for the CapitalNurse Adult General Nursing Factsheet.

What’s the quality of life like in London?

Like many of our candidates, you may be a bit hesitant to move to London because you’re worried about the cost of living there. Of course, this is a valid concern, but it’s worth remembering that most people who work in London do not live in the city centre, which is why they can afford to work in the city! Commuting is a very normal thing in the capital and there are some truly amazing places to live in the outskirts of London, all of which are served by one of the world’s most efficient and comprehensive public transport networks.

" I used to live in Woodford, on the border of Essex, which was a beautiful area (close to Epping Forest) and only 30-40 mins commute on the overground to my job in central London. We had a lovely 2 bed flat with a garden for a very reasonable price per month. A number of friends lived in Watford in Hertfordshire, only 20 mins commute and with a great nightlife! "
Registered Nurse at London Trust.