Ongoing Overseas Nurse Recruitment campaign from 2022 – ongoing

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has recently formed a collaborative with another 3 NHS Trusts to recruit experienced international nurses and midwives to join their teams. This collaborative includes:



Midwifery at Hampshire Hospitals Collaborative

NEU Professionals and Hampshire Hospitals Collaborative are mainly focusing on the recruitment of midwives. All Trusts recruiting midwives are located in the shouthern region of England, around the counties of Hampshire, Surrey and the Isle of Wight. Please see map below for reference. 

Midwifery at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: This Trust has organised their maternity facilities to ensure that their midwives are able to give expectant mothers the high levels of personal support that they have trained for. The Trust has three hospitals in the area. In their Basingstoke hospital they have two birthing suites (with a birthing pool, mood lighting, music facilities and en-suite facilities) and six well-resourced labour rooms, all with enough space to move around in. In Winchester they have seven birthing rooms, each individually decorated and similarly well equipped, and in Andover they have a dedicated Maternity Centre staffed by an experienced team of midwives and maternity health care assistants supported by obstetricians and paediatricians from the Winchester team.

Midwifery at Isle of Wight NHS Trust: This Trust look after approximately 1000 women having babies each year, and aim to provide a high quality service that puts women and their families at the centre of their care. Ensuring safety, whilst promoting birth as a unique and special occasion in each family. They offer a choice of Midwifery Led Care for women with low risk pregnancies to have their babies at home or in hospital, or Consultant Led Care for women with underlying/pregnancy related health concerns, to have their babies in hospital. 

Midwifery at Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust: This Trust takes pride in their excellent team of midwives who provide the highest quality of care and support to women and their families, throughout their entire pregnancy journey and beyond. Their midwives are lead health professionals and contacts for the women within our community, providing evidence-based information and helping them to make informed choices about the options and services available throughout pregnancy.  

As a midwife at Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust, you’ll be the expert on childbirth and your responsibilities are likely to be diverse. You’ll provide:

  • provide full antenatal care, including parenting classes, clinical examinations and screening
  • identify high-risk pregnancies
  • monitor pregnant individuals and support them during labour and the birthing process 
  • teach new and expectant parents how to feed, care for and bathe their babies

You can read more about midwifery at Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust here. 

Midwifery at Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: The Trust’s team is committed to provide the best possible support before, during and after labour and they excited to welcome new midwives to their team to support the increasing numbers of women choosing to have their babies with them. As well as having the only full range of neonatal services in Surrey, they have developed a midwife-led birth unit, the Abbey Birth Centre.

Location and cost of living

The south of England is famous for its beautiful beaches, warmer weather and fantastic quality of life. 

Hampshire and Surrey offer the perfect blend of city, coast and countryside. It’s home to National Parks and they are very well connected with the capital city of London. There are plenty of affordable areas to live in both counties, with lots of family friendly neighbourhoods offering quality homes, excellent schools and lots of employment opportunities. 

The Isle of Wight is a vibrant and interesting place to live and certainly different to the idea most people have of the U.K. It’s beautiful beaches and sunny weather makes it have that holiday feeling to it. It is well connected to the mainland, but you will need to visit the mainland as the Isle of Wight has all the usual facilities an average family would need. House and other property prices on the Isle of Wight are lower than most of the south. For more information please visit living in the Isle of Wight.