Do you wish to move your nursing career to the U.K. but do not have an English Certificate yet?

We are currently accepting applications from overseas Registered Nurses with experience in Mental Health who are yet to pass their English Language exam! Apply below to request to join the team at Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust.

Have you recently decided it’s time for a change, and you’re now looking for a new career challenge? Starting a new job in a different country can be very exciting and lead to lots of great opportunities, but you need to make sure that you choose the right agency to hold your hand and guide you through the process. NEU Professionals offers careers in Mental Health Nursing at some of the most prestigous NHS Trusts in the United Kingdom.


If you are an ambitious nurse, the U.K. is the place for you! If there is one thing the NHS can offer it’s the opportunity to learn and progress in your career. In addition to the training you will be given by your employer, you will find that U.K. has plenty of Institutes and Universities linked to its Trusts, offering all sorts of courses and Master’s degrees. To learn more about the main steps you should take to register as a nurse in the U.K., feel free to visit our Candidate Section. 

Our English Language Training Process

  1. Send us your application: Fill in the application form below to apply and provide us with your CV if possible, qualifications and GDPR consent to share your details with our partner English Language school.
  2. Application assessment: NEU will screen your application to ensure you fit the criteria and also your preference with regard to location, lifestyle and availability. If we agree to proceed with your application we will encourage you to make a start with your NMC registration under our guidance.
  3. Initial level of English assessment by SLC: Our partner English language school Specialist Language Courses (SLC) will ascertain your current level of English according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). A minimum score of C1 in writing is required in a needs analysis form to be considered for the courses. For more information about SLC you may visit the this link. 
  4. Interview with NHS Trusts: You will be video interviewed by your potential NHS employer, all organised by NEU Professionals to ensure smooth progress and availability of information.
  5. Language course enrolment: Once you have been successful at the interview with the NHS Trust, you will then be enrolled on an intensive 4-week OET preparation course comprising tutor-led classes 3 times per week and online interactive courses to supplement this. Your NHS Trust will stay in touch for motivation and support purposes.
  6. Mid-course assessment: Around halfway through the language course, SLC will informally assess your progess and provide an assessment of your likelihood of succlessful exam clearance, giving you time to prepare accordingly. Attendance and progress will be continually monitored via SLC’s online platform to ensure only the most committed students are approved for examination.
  7. English language exam: If SLC has decided that you will highly likely pass your OET test, NEU will book examinations on the soonest possible date following the course.
  8. Continuation of recruitment process with NEU Professionals: Following a successful result you will move into our standard processes for overseas recruitment.

*Please note that this opportunity to apply without an English Language Certificate is currently ONLY OPEN FOR REGISTERED NURSES WITH EXPERIENCE IN MENTAL HEALTH APPLYING FOR JOBS AT PENNINE CARE NHS FOUNDATION TRUST.

We still require an IELTS/OET certificate from nurses applying for every other speciality.

Please fill in the form below to apply for our Mental Health nursing vacancies at Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust.

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The role of a Mental Health Nurse within the NHS

The NHS is currently looking to recruit a large number of Mental Health nurses to join its ranks, with this crucial service being in high demand throughout the United Kingdom. Covid-19 has had a profound effect on people’s mental health and this issue will be present for many years to come. So much so that the British government recently published a Covid-19 mental health and wellbeing recovery action plan, to ensure that the country offers enough support and has the necessary capacity to resolve this unfortunate situation.

Mental Health nursing involves providing care to patients with specific Mental Health needs in a hospital setting. They aim to build good relationships with service users and their families throughout the therapy process, and work with patients in all age ranges.

Mental Health nursing in the UK has its own specialist qualification, which you can access by applying for a job as a Mental Health nurse (NMC RN3). You can do this if you have a Nursing Degree and either an IELTS or OET English Language Certificate for which we can offer you full support to achieve the required scores thanks to our BRAND NEW ENGLISH LANGUAGE TRAINING. If you were accepted for the role, you would be given training and support to help you pass the Mental Health OSCE. This process would involve:

  • Understanding of the role and the needs of this group of patients
  • Experience of working in this care setting
  • Gaining an additional qualification (desirable, but not essential)

To learn more about how to become a Registered Nurse in the United Kingdom please visit our Candidate Section.

If you are a Registered Nurse with experience in Mental Health care and wish to request more information about the new English Language Training project simply fill in the form above.