Do you wish to move your midwifery career to the U.K. but do not have an English Certificate yet? 


We are currently accepting applications from overseas Registered Midwives who are yet to pass their English Language exam! Apply below to request to join the prestigious team at The Rosie women’s hospital in Cambridge.

Have you recently decided it’s time for a change, and you’re now looking for a new career challenge? Starting a new job in a different country can be very exciting and lead to lots of great opportunities, but you need to make sure that you choose the right agency to hold your hand and guide you through the process. NEU Professionals offers midwifery careers at some of the most prestigous NHS Trusts in the United Kingdom as well as an intensive English Language Training course sponsored by the Trust!

Our main client for this purpose is currently Cambridge University Hospitals, but we will hopefully be recruiting for other Trusts very soon. So even if you are not interested in applying for the Cambridge area but you still wish to apply to move your career to the U.K., we kindly advise you to fill in the form below anyway and we can allocate you a Recrutiment Consultant who will be advising accordingly about possible placements and the next steps of the process. 



If there is one thing the NHS can offer it’s the opportunity to learn and progress in your career. In addition to the training you will be given by your employer, you will find that the U.K. has plenty of Institutes and Universities linked to its Trusts, and so does Cambridge University Hospitals, allowing them to offer all sorts of courses and Master’s degrees. The NHS has recently been granted some extra budget for their international recruitment of midwives, meaning we have now great career development opportunities for midwives in the U.K.

*Please note that this opportunity to apply without an English Language Certificate is currently ONLY OPEN FOR REGISTERED MIDWIVES.

We still require an IELTS/OET certificate from nurses applying for every other speciality.

Please fill in the form below to apply for our Midwifery vacancies and our team will be in touch shortly!

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Our English Language Training – What to expect

Here we explain the processes involved in the NEU Professionals mental health English language project along with the requirements for the candidate and how these fit together.


  1. Receipt of Applications: candidates will apply to NEU Professionals directly.
  2. Screening of Applications: NEU will screen applications to ensure a fit with the criteria and also the candidate’s preference with regard to location, lifestyle and availability.
  3. Placement Testing: Suitable candidates will be tested by Specialist Language Courses (SLC) to verify their current level of English. Those achieving scores demonstrating a high proficiency of English and a likelihood of successful OET certification after a 4-week course will be highlighted to NEU Professionals.
  4. Shortlisting of candidates: Based on the feedback from SLC, NEU Professionals will communicate with candidates to understand their training availability and capacity for an intensive course. Those who meet all the client’s criteria and are fully committed to the process will be uploaded to our online platform and scheduled for interview.
  5.  Interview: Candidates will be video interviewed by clients during a schedule fully managed and facilitated by NEU. A project manager will be present at all times to ensure fluid progress and availability of information.
  6. Language Course Enrolment: Upon notification that the candidate has passed the interview, he/she will be enrolled in a 4-week intensive OET preparation course which will include tutor-led classes 3 times a week and interactive online courses to complement it. The initial cost of this training will be covered by NEU Professionals.
  7. Client / Candidate Engagement Sessions: In parallel to language training, Trusts will begin the process of candidate engagement to build a sense of belonging and excitement.
  8. Mid-course assessment: Towards the middle of the language course, the SLC will informally assess each candidate’s progress and provide an assessment of their likelihood of passing the exam. This will allow time to make any particular adjustments for individuals, or to recognise that an individual may need training beyond the allocated period. Attendance and progress will be continuously monitored through SLC’s online platform to ensure that only the most engaged students are approved for the exam. Statistics are available in real time and a star and flag system is used to score engagement; based on these, NEU Professionals will intervene where there are areas of concern and attempt to modify behaviour.
  9. Exam Booking: For those candidates who are deemed highly likely to pass their OET test, NEU will book examinations on the soonest possible date following the course. This needs to be done prior to the course finishing due to the requirement to book well in advance. The upfront cost of this exam will be covered by NEU Professionals.
  10.  Exam Success >> Standard Recruitment Process: Following a successful result the candidate will move into our standard processes for overseas recruitment.
  11. Exam Failure >> Candidate resit: Given the level of screening prior to examination, any exam failures are likely to be by very small margins. Candidates will be encouraged to re-sit the exam at the earliest opportunity and engage with any further training that they feel would be beneficial. The cost of this additional exam fee and any further training would be borne by the candidate. We would expect candidates to recognise that their goal is clearly in sight and to focus on the small incremental improvement they need to make to gain English certification.  

The role of a Midwife within the NHS

The role of midwives in the U.K. is vast. You will be caring for women from the beginning of pregnancy right through labour, birth and beyond.

Midwives make a vital contribution to the quality and safety of maternity care. The midwife’s role is to provide skilled, knowledgeable, respectful, and compassionate care for all women, newborn infants and their families. They work across the continuum from pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, labourand birth, postpartum, and the early weeks of newborn infants’ life. This includes women’s future reproductive health, well-being, and decisions and promoting very early child development and the parents’ transition to parenthood.

Midwives respect and enable the human rights of women and children, and their priority is to ensure that care always focuses on the needs, views, preferences, and decisions of the woman and the needs of the newborn infant. 

Cambridge University Hospitals are offering vacancies across antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal including community, within the midwifery service and are looking for suitable candidates to join their team. New starters are supported with robust new starter induction program and orientation/preceptorship pathway.
Salary, benefits and relocation package

The initial salary for midwives is an NHS salary Band 5 (£25,655 gross per annum). However you can apply to increase your Band within roughly a year of working for the NHS (yes, as early as that!). You will also receive enhancements for “unsocial” working hours & overtime available; 27 days of paid holidays + 8 public holidays; excellent professional development opportunities and enhanced NHS Pension scheme and maternity/ paternity leave packages + free healthcare.

Cambridge University Hospitals’ relocation package includes:

  • English language exam fee (up to £349) – reimbursed on arrival,
  • NMC evaluation fee (£140) – reimbursed on arrival,
  • CBT exam fee (£83) – reimbursed on arrival,
  • OSCE exam fee (£794) – sponsored in advance,
  • NMC registration fee (£153) – sponsored in advance,
  • Certificate of Sponsorship and Immigration Skills Charge (not IHS) (£3,199) – Employer’s cost,
  • Skilled Worker Visa fee for the candidate only – sponsored in advance,
  • 1 month of free accommodation (single occupancy only), with option to remain in the accommodation for a further 2 months at a cost of £500 per month
  • Inbound flight to the U.K.