Botswana Nurses Union (BONU)

Champions in Nursing Profession and Labour Issues

Botswana Nurses Union - LogoThe Botswana Nurses Union (BONU) formerly Nurses Association of Botswana (NAB); NAB was founded by the late Grace Kgari in 1968 and she became the first President of the association. And BONU now was launched on the 24 October 2012 making history in Botswana.

During the NEU Professionals in-person recruitment event in Spring 2022, BONU focused on improving opportunities for nurses from Botswana who want to advance their careers overseas. They worked with local governments to reduce administrative barriers and provide additional credibility to show nurses the benefits of enhancing their skills overseas.

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BONU is assisting NEU Professionals recruit for the following NHS vacancies:

ANNOUNCEMENT: In-Person Interviews for Mental Health Nurses in Botswana and Eswatini

NEU Professionals is excited to be returning to Southern Africa to help even more nurses advance their careers as NHS Nurses. This time we are recruiting  motivated and experienced Mental Health Nurses in Botswana and Eswatini. We are proud to be joined by the friendly and encouraging team at South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SWYPFT) who currently have vacancies for qualified: 

  • Mental Health Nurses
  • Paediatric Mental Health Nurses
  • Learning Disability Nurses
Qualified nurses should have experience working in mental health or psychiatric nursing, and the NHS will also accept “transferrable skills” for nurses with experience in other specialities. To learn more about which “transferrable skills” qualify as well as other requirements, please visit our registration page for more details.

NEU Professionals and Botswana Nurses Union (BONU)

The Botswana Nurses Union (BONU) has been supporting recruitment efforts with NEU Professionals since 2022. With the primary goal of supporting their nursing and midwifery members, BONU understands the need for nurses from Botswana to relocate overseas to advance their careers, gain valuable experience and improve their medical skills.

In April 2022, NEU Professionals teamed with Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) to recruit nurses in Gaborone, Lobatse, and Francistown. Following the event, we were nominated for “Best International Recruitment Event” at the 2022 Nursing Times Workforce Summit and Awards, and we were pleased to have Vusa and Pinkie from BONU join us in London for the awards ceremony as our guests of honor.

During the most recent recruitment event in January 2023, where over 100 Botswana nurses were recruited to work at North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT). Potential candidates were short-listed in advance for interviews, and were greeted onsite by representatives of NELFT, NEU Professionals, and BONU. 98% of shortlisted candidates were successful in their interviews and will be preparing to relocate to the UK in the coming months, where they will complete their Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) registration and become fully registered NHS Nurses.

BONU will continue to provide support and assistance to their nursing members while in the UK, to confirm they are receiving ethical treatment and quality workplace conditions. 

Debbie Smith, Director of Nursing NELFT, and Vusa and Pinkie from BONU at the Nursing Times Workforce Summit and Awards 2022
NELFT Africa In-Person Recruitment 01

Corporate and Social Responsibility

We care for the communities in our sourcing countries and are committed to ensuring our relationships are mutually beneficial. It is imperative that any recruitment initiative is sustainable for our Clients and the sourcing country, and can result in successful recruitment in the future.

Feedback from the Zambia Union of Government and Allied Workers (UG Zambia)

“The Union has partnered with NEU Professionals and this gives confidence to the workers. We are excited as a Union because we want our members to be protected always. Of course, our priority is that the workers rights must always come first. We are going to be with these workers… from now onwards until they train in the UK.”

Feedback from Botswana Nurses Union (BONU)

“We want our nurses to grow professionally and we think as they go to these first-world countries they will gain more experience and we’re hoping some of them will come back to Botswana and bring that experience and bring those skills with them as well.”