Corporate and Social Responsibility

We care for the communities in our sourcing countries and are committed to ensuring our relationships are mutually beneficial. It is imperative that any recruitment initiative is sustainable for our Clients and the sourcing country, and can result in successful recruitment in the future.

Feedback from the Zambia Union of Government and Allied Workers (UG Zambia)

“The Union has partnered with NEU Professionals and this gives confidence to the workers. We are excited as a Union because we want our members to be protected always. Of course, our priority is that the workers rights must always come first. We are going to be with these workers… from now onwards until they train in the UK.”

Feedback from Botswana Nurses Union (BONU)

“We want our nurses to grow professionally and we think as they go to these first-world countries they will gain more experience and we’re hoping some of them will come back to Botswana and bring that experience and bring those skills with them as well.”