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We are an international healthcare recruitment agency
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We provide the best candidate care and guidance
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Our services are FREE to our candidates

NEW WEBINAR: Advance your Healthcare Career in England! 

Join us on Wednesday, 31st May at 6pm UK time (8:00pm Istanbul time) to learn about the process of relocating your healthcare career to England. This event is open to all healthcare professionals, including registered nurses, registered midwives, doctors, dentists, clinical psychologists, and other Allied Health Professionals. NEU Professionals Managing Director Edyta Ozbek, will be on Microsoft Teams to explain how NEU Professionals helps international healthcare professionals relocate to the UK with our free recruitment service. She will be joined by special guest Pakize Durmaz, Inspirational Leader for Nurses 🇹🇷🇬🇧 and NHS Nurse at The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, as they share their testimonials and experiences working at the NHS, the NEU Professionals’ care and services, the costs related to relocating to the UK and which costs are covered by the Trusts, NMC registration requirements, IELTS/OET information and requirements, and the wages and benefits of working at the NHS.

Edyta and Pakize are excited to share with you how easy it is to start your new life working as a healthcare professional in the UK. Register now and join us for this fantastic webinar!

To receive the link to join on your email, please register now!

Aisha Labaran
Aisha LabaranCandidate 2023
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The journey to my dream job began on rocky steps but with the help from NEU professionals, it was a swift and smooth process. I thank all the team involved in my journey and I am grateful for your endurance and patience while getting my situation sorted to becoming a nurse within the United Kingdom.
Benito Chikunji
Benito ChikunjiCandidate 2023
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Firstly I would like to thank NEU professionals for making my dream come true. The experience with has been awesome from the word go, NEU professionals team is organized,act professional, encouraging, understanding and supportive. If there's anyone planing to relocate to the UK then NEU professionals is agency to go with.
Collin Rakgogo
Collin RakgogoCandidate 2023
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NEU Professionals has been nothing short of amazing throughout my relocation journey. They are reliable and have loving, dedicated and understanding recruiting consultants, who will be with you every single step of the way. I am grateful for my agent Virginia for helping me with so much patience and love, she provided me with materials i used to prepare for my exams and also was the communication between me and my employer. She explained everything, making it easier for me to trust and have no doubts about NEU Professional. Highly recommend them 😊
Sophia Jarrett
Sophia JarrettCandidate 2023
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I am so happy I was recruited by the best person ever, Katherine Chapman from NEU PROFESSIONALS. From the first day until now she ensures that I am taken care of every step of the way. No matter what time of the day i reach out to her she responded promptly even with our 5 hours time difference, She is knowelegeable, keen listener, supportive and my main cheerleader to ensure best satisfaction given. Even after my OSCE results I have her cheering for me all the way. Thanks katherine.
Isaac Ochai
Isaac OchaiCandidate 2023
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I had the most wonderful experience in my transition to becoming a Nurse in the UK. This was made possible through the assistance of a nice, calm, calculated and understanding consultant- Virginia. I was indeed lucky to have been allocated to someone like her. I want to also appreciate the entire NEU professional for this platform used to help nurses and other health care workers in achieving their UK dream. I pray the company grows from strength to strength. I will sure recommend NEU professional to anybody hoping to come to the UK.
Janine Watson
Janine WatsonCandidate 2023
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Katherine has been very helpful from the very first time. It felt like we have known each other for years and never ever she got irritated with me even if I ask a question 10 times in a different way. She is awesome!!!
Felistus Chansa
Felistus ChansaCandidate 2023
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I’d give more than 5 stars if I could. My gratitude is beyond words. Neu you are the best, highly professional, effective, you go above and beyond and overall you offer Top notch Services! My Heart felt appreciation to my agent HELEN. She is super knowledgeable, compassionate, helpful, encouraging, accommodating, comforting who worked tirelessly to see my dream come true, she made me feel comfortable throughout and with promptly replies, regardless of the time. At some point i thought i am dealing with an Angel direct from Heaven. Thank you Helen for your endless support from the start till now. To the Neu Team, Thank you for making this transition as effortless as it was. I am forever GRATEFUL! Highly recommended!!!
Domitila Mukuba
Domitila MukubaCandidate 2023
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Leaving your country to work abroad can be a daunting experience especially if you do it alone, but Neu Professionals helped facilitate this process for me which I am immensely grateful for My agent Helen was very supportive, patient and reliable which I appreciated. The entire team is there to guide you throughout every step and they will never leave you feeling alone or overwhelmed. Amazing work and I would highly recommend Neu Professionals to all nurses looking to work abroad! 😁❤️❤️
Valentine Koloko
Valentine KolokoCandidate 2023
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By far the most professional, genuine and helpful team of individuals. I finally relocated and they made the process easy and straight forward. If you are thinking of working in the UK, I highly recommend that you use NEU Professionals.
Nilar Candidate 2023
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I recommend this agency to all healthcare workers who need support and information about working as an expat in other countries. I sent in my resume on November. I received an email a few hours later from my recruitment consultant, Marina Fernandez, who also turned out to be really patient and helpful throughout my recruitment journey in the UK. They sent me all the resources necessary for interview and also CBT test. By the end of January I had everything I needed and I'm awaiting visa at the moment. I can't believe I had done everything so successfully without so much hassle. I am really grateful for their assistance through this time.
Janet Moyo
Janet MoyoCandidate 2023
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Here is a special thank you from my heart to Neu Professionals team , you make your work your passion. You are doing a fantastic job,well done . You made my journey to England easy and fast. I am in debted to you .What would l do without you, you have supported me through a tough time when l needed help most . I appreciate the positive impact you have had on each stage of migration process, at other time l remember l was afraid of writing Cbt , Helen thank you for your support and strength you gave me throughout this. Helen ,l appreciate your flexibility and willingness to help , caring,loving ,kind and patience. Words are not enough to say how thankful l am for the support you have given me,l only hope that if l could see you Neu Professionals to be able to return a favor someday . Your thoughtfullness is a gif , my heart is still smiling 😊
Phepelaphi Moyo
Phepelaphi MoyoCandidate 2023
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Words will not be enough to express my appreciation and gratitude to you NEU Professionals team for your outstanding role. I send my thanks to the Directors and all the staff who were beyond the scenes. A big thanks comes to you Helen, your love, support and patience ... to name a few, will always be cherished. Neu Professionals team, you are one in a million. Your service is 100%, transparent, efficient and very effective. You came into my life when I needed you the most and made my dream come true. I'm now happily settled in England now on zero cost from me. Keep up the good work and I wish your organisation more growth and prosperity. To Helen, please maintain your excellence, I'm here because of you. I will not say much but to thank you once more.
Maryam Ruqayyah
Maryam RuqayyahCandidate 2023
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To advance my career abroad, I decided to take a leap of faith with the NEU Professionals Recruitment Agency. Unaware of their existence, I made one of the best decisions of my life. Despite the fact that I had no idea what I was enrolling in, my recruiter, Ms. Marina Fernandez, made my experience and success at CBT simple. Ms. Fernandez has provided unwavering support, is always accessible via text message, has a prompt response time, is highly organized, and went above and beyond to ensure that my exam confidence was always restored despite self-doubt. As I did not have to run arduous errands or wander aimlessly in search of the required documents, I was able to truly enjoy peace of mind following the exams due to the fact that the agency allowed me to gather all required documentation and sign forms prior to the exams. I have accepted them as my family and support network, and I am eager to embark on this new career path. Respect, admiration, and gratitude are extended to the NEU family for superior service.
Marian Chingono
Marian ChingonoCandidate 2023
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Very efficient and professional. Took me less than 6 months from getting interviews to relocating. Transport and accommodation were organised for me. Thanks to Katherine
Rose Borg
Rose Borg
Midwife Candidate 2023 - Saint Mary's Hospital, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
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NEU Professionals thank you for helping my dreams become a reality! To my ever supportive Recruitment Consultant- Chantal Kossowski, thank you for all the support you have given me. To Claire - thank you for guiding me and the January Cohort along the way. Thank you and keep it up!
new Our Principles 1 - copy
We understand you may be concerned about
travelling due to the pandemic...
new Our Principles 1 - copy
No need to worry.
The NHS will support you all the way.
new Our Principles 1 - copy
We are proud to announce our partnership with CapitalNurse,
a programme of work being delivered through collective action across London.
CN 1
BennyCandidate 2021
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NEU Professionals is the family you will ever need as long coming to UK as RN is concerned ❤️
JonerCandidate 2021
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As for the Recruitment side until arrival and after endorsement to the Trust, I couldn’t ask for more. NEU Professionals, especially Michelle, is very supportive and accommodating even up to this moment. All queries and worries were handled well. I didn’t experience any issues at all as to compare to other friends and colleagues recruited by other agencies. I even asked and still asking friends to seek for your guidance and support to fulfil their UK dreams and so far they are well taken care of as well.
ReydenCandidate 2019
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NEU Professionals is the best agency in terms of the following: 1. Professionalism - You will be treated like a very important client. They will address all your concerns promptly and they will monitor your progress in terms of processing all the required documents. Definitely, they will update you all the time as well. 2. Hands-on Approach - Edyta, the Director of Neu Professionals is very hands-on to her Neu Nurses. She will make sure that you are settling in to your desired area. She will welcome you with an open arms. 3. Transparency - What you read in their ad is what you get. No hidden agendum. You can really trust Neu Professionals because all the people behind this company are very passionate to help their candidates from the start to finish. I am very grateful that I found Neu Professionals, in fact, I saw their ads in Facebook, then visited their website and send my curriculum vitae to Edyta. From then, my journey towards my dream to work in the United Kingdom as a registered nurse begins. I promise that you will never regret in choosing Neu Professionals as your partner in achieving your UK dreams.
SoniyaCandidate 2020
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I would like to express a big thank you to NEU Professionals (Edyta ozbek and team), in particular to Michelle, with whom l had a pleasure to work when looking for a new job position. Michelle was extremely professional and supportive, always making sure that l understand each step of recruitment process,she helped me feel confident before my interviews. It's lovely to work with her...
TopeCandidate 2020
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Neu professionals are the best. They were so helpful from the time of interview till I got to the UK. Anna Tobiasz, you are the best. I love you all ❤️❤️😘
SherinCandidate 2020
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Would highly recommend NEU professionals......great support from the NEU team.
ShilpaCandidate 2020
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I have no words to express my's beyond my words...they are very helpful and was with me throughout my journey to the UK...
VivianCandidate 2020
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I found Neu out of desperation on a 6.5 ielts, I was recieved accepted encouraged, got 2 job offers, had the liberty of choice, professionalism was top notch, follow up and response to email second to none, Edyta, Vanessa I appreciate your effort. I and my families UK journey could have ended out of despair but you all kept hope alive and here we are. Thank you for all you do and even now I recommend you to all through all my platforms as I have also chosen to be a reason someone decides to be a Nurse in the UK.
BolumCandidate 2020
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NEU professionals have been amazing. They prepared and assisted me and my family extremely well for my relocation arrangements to the United Kingdom, were very patient with me & kept in constant contact. They made me feel like an individual rather than just another number. They are experts in their field and are a credit to their clients. I will choose them over and over again any day.
TemishiCandidate 2019
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If only I can give a thousand and one stars. A big thank you to my direct consultant @Elisabetta Stasi, who in her resilient effort made my dreams come through and most of all, to Edyta and entire neuprofessionals family.
UniqueCandidate 2019
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I want to say Thank You to Neu Professionals team for their support and help me to get job in nhs trust uk. My recruitment officer was Elisabetta and she is a very nice person. Neu professional will give you the fast response and even in the holidays also they will reply all your queries. I would highly recommend you to choose Neu professionals.
StephenCandidate 2019
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Neu Professionals has been professional in their dealing with me, after interview, i was able to get assess to the UK within a month, they are truly the best among the rest, look no where for your nursing recruitment into the UK. i would have given them a 100 star if there is an option for that.
EmmanuelCandidate 2019
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Just as their name, they are very PROFESSIONAL at what they do. 100% client satisfaction.

NEU Professionals is committed to embrace the values of ethical recruitment outlined in the NHS Code of Practice for International Recruitment and the World Health Organisation guidelines.

Our Principles 1
We do not actively recruit healthcare professionals from developing countries.
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Our recruitment standards and processes follow good recruitment practice and demonstrate a sound, legitimate and ethical approach.
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We do not levy any charges or fees from candidates in relation to gaining employment in the UK - directly or indirectly.
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Appropriate information about the role applied for is always available to all applicants.
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We believe in equality and so all applications will be reviewed in a fair and transparent manner.
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Successful candidates will be supported in their relocation journey to include, but not limited to professional registration with the appropriate governing body, Visa application, travel, logistics and accommodation.
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All international healthcare professionals will have appropriate checks undertaken for any criminal convictions or cautions as required by UK legislation.
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All newly appointed international healthcare professionals will be offered appropriate support and induction on arrival.
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Further education and training and continuing professional development will be available to all new recruits.
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