Working as a Dentist or a Pharmacist in the UK 12 December

If you are a Dentist or a Pharmacist looking to progress your career in the U.K. we have the perfect Webinar for you. NEU Professionals Director, Kerry Anne Wykes and NEU Professionals Deputy Director, Claire McMinn will be LIVE on Microsoft Teams on Tuesday 12th December at 7pm U.K. time (Check here the time in your country). Join us for this 30 min Webinar in which we will explain how to start the process of registering as a Dentist or a Pharmacist in the U.K. They will also discuss what it is like to work at the NHS as a Dentist and as a Pharmacist, what are the requirements needed to apply, and the benefits of growing your career at our NHS Trusts. Kerry and Claire are excited to share with you their experiences about how easy it is to begin your new life working as a NHS professional in the UK. Register today and join us for this incredible webinar!

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NELFT September 2023 Interviews and Recruitment Event

Are you a healthcare professional looking for new opportunities? Consider relocating your career to England and join the National Health Service (NHS)! With a rich history of providing world-class healthcare, the NHS offers a dynamic and diverse work environment where you can expand your skills and make a meaningful impact on the lives of patients. Join the team of dedicated professionals and discover the rewarding experience of working for one of the largest and most respected healthcare systems in the world. What better place to live than the fabulous city of London! Within this incredible and vibrant city are countless opportunities to advance your career, expand your cultural horizons, and work with some of the most talented people within the NHS at North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT). Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn about the possibilities that await you at the NHS. Register now for the conference and take the first step towards advancing your healthcare career!

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