Living in the UK and working for the NHS – SABP Event

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Join us on Tuesday, 4th July at 10:00am UK time to learn about the process of becoming a registered nurse, registered midwife, or international Allied Health Professional at the NHS in the UK. NEU Professionals Director Kerry Anne Wykes, will be on Microsoft Teams to explain how we help international healthcare professionals relocate to the UK with our free recruitment service. Kerry will be joined by special guest Gurleen Khaira, OET Course Leader at Khaira Education, as they share their testimonials and experiences supporting international healthcare professionals and the opportunities and benefits international recruitment provides to candidates and both countries. Kerry will also highlight the costs related to relocating to the UK and which costs are covered by the Trust, NMC registration requirements, IELTS/OET information and requirements, and the wages and benefits of working at the NHS. Kerry and team are excited to share with you how easy it is to start your new life working at the NHS in the UK. Register now and join us for this fantastic webinar!

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