Auckland District Health Board

Auckland District Health Board is the Government’s funder and provider of health services to the 542,000 residents living in the Auckland district. ADHB is the fourth largest and one of the fastest growing DHBs in NZ, and is expecting nearly 100,000 extra people by 2030. More than 11,000 people are employed by Auckland DHB.

ADHB provides community child and adolescent health and disability services, community mental health services and district nursing. ADHB is the northern region’s provider of some specialist tertiary services e.g. cardiac surgery and radiation oncology services. ADHB also provides specialist services not available within other DHBs including organ transplant services, specialist paediatric services, epilepsy services and high risk obstetrics.

ADHB is responsible for the health of the population who live within the district. ADHB provides a range of services on its own as well as funding other services outside of their facilities, including primary care and other community based providers. ADHB also works with a number of other organisations, such as Auckland Council, to improve outcomes for the local population.

As an organisation, Auckland DHB provides hospital and community services from multiple sites including Auckland City Hospital, Greenlane Clinical Centre and the Buchanan Rehabilitation Centre.

ADHB’s purpose

To improve the health of the Auckland DHB population and all New Zealanders who access their services, through high quality health and disability services.

ADHB’s strategic priorities

People, patients and whānau at the centre.

Values and equity underpin everything they do.

Guarantee quality and safety.

Get the best outcomes from the resources.

Hold people, systems and structures to account.

ADHB’s key result areas

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Patient safety
Patient safety is ADHB’s number one priority and everyone's responsibility.
The aim is to eliminate avoidable harm to ensure that all patient experience the safest possible care.
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Better quality and experience of care
Every contact with patients will be as good as it can be. The aim is to provide effective, accessible and patient-centred care that delivers excellent integrated clinical care and experience.
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Improved health status
The community living healthier lives. In partnership, ADHB will help people self-manage their care and provide better health prevention advice and support.
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Economic sustainability
Finding innovative ways to deliver healthcare more efficiently, so the DHB can continue to provide high quality care to its patients and community into the future.
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Healthy and engaged workforce
Staff are listened to, have the skills and knowledge to do their jobs and are supported to be well and healthy.
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