Registering as a Nurse in New Zealand

If you are a nurse and you are looking for a new career development opportunity in New Zealand, you will firstly have to register with the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ).

Overseas Registration

If you are an international nurse and wish to practice start your application to register with the NCNZ, you must comply with their standards. Here are some of them:

Fitness for registration

  1. Ability to communicate effectively for the purposes of practising nursing.
  2. Ability to communicate effectively in written and spoken English for the purposes of practising nursing.
  3. No convictions which reflect adversely on practice as a nurse.
  4. No physical or mental health condition which adversely affects the ability to perform the functions of a nurse.
  5. Applicant is not subject to professional disciplinary proceedings or under a disciplinary investigation or subject to any professional disciplinary order which reflect adversely on fitness to practise as a nurse.
  6. Applicant is of good character.

Qualifications for registration

  1. Completion of a suitable education programme in nursing
  2. Current nursing practice experience (internationally qualified applicants).
  3. A pass in the New Zealand National Nursing Examination (New Zealand students).

Competence to practise within the Nursing Scope of Practice

  1. Ability to meet the Competencies for Entry to the Register of Nurses.