Overseas Nurse Recruitment campaign from 2021 – ongoing

For nurses who enjoy being at the heart of the action and a central part of the local community, there couldn’t be a better place to work than Wirral University Teaching Hospital (WUTH).

Comprising Wirral’s only Emergency Department, it’s one of the biggest and busiest acute NHS Trusts in the North West of England – and the biggest employer in Wirral. WUTH provides services at three local hospital sites: Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral Women and Children’s Hospital, and Clatterbridge Hospital.

The Trust has been recognised by numerous national awards in areas including Dermatology, Dementia, Patient Experience, Patient Safety, Scientific Innovation, and Staff Engagement.

WUTH’s overarching vision emphasises the importance of teamwork and mutual support among staff for achieving the Trust’s goal of providing the best and safest patient care. The Trust is also focused on delivering high quality training for all staff as a way of attracting, developing, and retaining a highly skilled workforce.  

‘Delivering the best quality and safest care requires teamwork’

Location and cost of living

Wirral is located within the county of Cheshire, covering a peninsula that sits between the vibrant city of Liverpool on one side and the picturesque Welsh Hills on the other. Bordered by two of Britain’s most famous rivers, the Mersey and the Dee, with lots of beautiful green spaces in between, there are plenty of activities on offer both on the coast and inland, including 50 miles of rural walking routes, cycle areas and beaches!

There’s lots to do when the weather’s not so great, too, with several museums and galleries in the area, which are dedicated to Wirral’s rich Maritime history – and all the industrial, cultural and social developments that came with it. Wirral is also known for its vast Viking heritage, which started in AD902, when communities that were forced to leave Ireland settled on the peninsula instead. They also came from Norway, and Wirral is the only place in mainland Britain with documented evidence of this.

Think Wirral might be a bit ‘small’ for you? Think again! With the metropolitan city of Liverpool within very easy reach (by fast train, bus, and even by Wirral’s famous historic ferry line), you can be sure that you and any family members who come with you will never be bored! From the famous Beatles Museum to the city’s beloved Anfield football ground, to a year-round calendar of cultural events, Liverpool is brimming with entertainment.

With such good transport links, you needn’t live in Wirral itself – but you should definitely consider it. People from all sorts of backgrounds live and work in Wirral, with housing options in the area ranging from large family homes in quaint little villages, to dockside apartments and low-cost starter homes.  Either way, you’ll find that you can get more for your money in this part of the UK than in most other towns and cities. Find out more about living, working and studying in Wirral here.

Beautiful view of Liverpool at night