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Wirral University Teaching Hospital (WUTH) is the thriving heart of the local community. Comprising Wirral’s only Emergency Department, it is one of the biggest and busiest acute NHS trusts in the North West. WUTH provides services at 3 local hospital sites: Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral Women and Children’s Hospital and Clatterbridge Hospital.

The Trust has been recognised by numerous national awards in areas including Dermatology, Dementia, Patient experience, Patient safety, scientific innovation and Staff engagement. 

‘Delivering the best quality and safest care requires teamwork’

WUTH’s vision lays in the importance of teamwork and the staff supporting each other to achieve their shared goals and ambitions. Outside of their hospitals it’s about working more effectively with other providers across the health and social care sector.

Location and cost of living

Wirral is within the county of Cheshire, located in a peninsula between the vibrant city of Liverpool as well as North Wales, overlooking the River Dee, Welsh hills and River Mersey.

The gorgeous Wirral Peninsula can be easily explored on foot, and it is home to beautiful outdoor locations, with plenty of activities to offer both on the coast and inland. 

Wirral boasts a great range of opportunities for those wanting to learn more about its rich history and culture, with a number of museums and galleries each set in its own distinct surroundings. Wirral is also know for its vast Viking heritage, as these communities settled in the area back in AD902 after being expulsed from Ireland. 

Liverpool is easily accesible by fast train, bus and even by Wirral’s famous historic ferry line. 

If you are planning to move here with your family, Wirral has plenty to offer in terms of family friendly activities. From long walks on the beach to the most fun cultural experiences both in Wirral and in the Liverpool area, the peninsula will not dissapoint. Here you have a list of the 5 best places to live in the Wirral peninsula.