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Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT) provides community health, mental health and learning disability services to support more 3.2 million people living across Bedfordshire, Essex and Suffolk. They are large employer in the East of England with more than 5,400 staff working across more than 200 sites. They also provide services in people’s home and community settings.

EPUT was formed on 1 April 2017 following the merger of North Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust and South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust. EPUT is a foundation trust, which means that local people have greater involvement in the way we develop and run our services. It also gives more flexibility in the way they can manage and invest their finances, allowing them to be more responsive to the needs of local communities.

EPUT are pleased to have in place dedicated employee experience and workforce, training and development teams who offer support and advice, and signpost colleagues to beneficial services available internally and externally to support their professional development and wellbeing at work.

The vision is backed up by the values they operate under:

  • Open
  • Empowering
  • Compassionate

Their strategic objectives are: 

  • To continuously improve service user experience and outcomes through the delivery of high quality, safe, and innovative services.
  • To be a high performing health and care organisation and in the top 25% of community and mental health foundation trusts.
  • To be a valued system leader focused on integrated solutions that are shaped by the communities they serve.

Location and cost of living

If you are thinking of moving to Essex, you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of things to see and do both in and around Essex. Thanks to the size, location and geography of the county, there’s a huge diversity to the places where people live.

The border with London is fairly densely populated, and the South Essex Thames Gateway is an area of real economic growth. This southern part of the county is very different to the large rural areas of mid and north Essex – almost 75% of the county’s land area is rolling farmland. Check out www.visitessex.com to discover some of the biggest attractions, such as casinos and nightclubs, the theatre or racecourse, comedy or music venues…

Essex offers an inspirational mix of things to do – some may be on your radar and some may be a complete surprise. But they are all guaranteed to wow you, to give you a different perspective or to make you feel special.

Good schools and a great quality of life make Essex a big draw for families. The open space and coast make a great natural playground, with parkland, country trails and rockpools to enjoy.

Sawbridgeworth, Essex