At NEU Professionals we fully understand that moving to a different country can be a very exciting but also challenging process.

Wherever you come from, you will find life in New Zealand to be refreshingly different.

So how does it compare to somewhere like the U.K. for instance?

The Lifestyle

Often the key driver for most people to make the move, you will find the way in which New Zealanders approach their work-life balance to be one of the most compelling reasons take the leap. Consistently ahead in quality-of-life surveys there are a number of ways in which you will feel the positive benefits of a life as a Kiwi.

The space

Whilst the land mass is roughly the same size as the UK, there are a fraction of the number of people. You’ll feel the sense of space, and with less crowded cities commutes are way easier leaving you more time to live your life to the fullest.


The relaxed pace of life

New Zealand is an easy-going country as a result of its uncrowded communities, low crime rates and an unstressed approach to living.

The environment

The purity and beauty of the landscape is famed worldwide with sub-tropical beaches, dramatic mountains, forests, rivers and more. Along with the favourable climate (warmer than the UK!) you will find that enjoying the outdoors becomes a far greater part of life.


Family focused life

Great schools, plenty of sport, peaceful and the second safest place in the world to live – New Zealand is a fantastic place to live family life to the fullest and a prime attraction for potential arrivals.

The best place to start your research is the New Zealand Now website. It offers a well of resources starting from how New Zealand compares to the U.K. (or other countries), the culture, climate, work/life balance, housing, benefits for families, education, living costs, Visa options, moving/relocation checklist and more.

The Recruitment Process

The process of recruitment in NZ is somewhat different from what you might be used to in the U.K. Upon successfully passing the interview your future employer will require a recent DBS certificate (police clearance certificate) and references from the most recent employers. Once they are satisfied with the above you will be required to complete a number of standard online forms and only at that stage you will be issued an Offer of Employment.

Nursing/Midwifery registration

The process of registering with the appropriate regulatory body in NZ may take from 3-6 months or even longer depending on how quickly you are able to collect and submit the required evidence. We recommend you start the process at earliest opportunity – if you are serious about moving to NZ there is no disadvantage to commencing the registration even before your interview.

Please visit the Nursing Council of New Zealand or Midwifery Council of New Zealand for more information on joining the register as an international nurse/midwife.

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